Transformation sissy stories

Sissy stories about transformations are very popular. They are always fiction, so the author has lots of freedom to develop the story. Sissy transformations involve a guy or boy getting turned into a real female.

These sissy stories about transformations can be because of a magical spell, a curse, a birthday wish, a mysterious stone or other object. In almost all cases it’s a transformation completely into a female girl.

That adds a lot of kink and sexual excitement to the story, as the former male gets to experience sex for the first time as a woman. Often a whole lot of it and with both genders!

Below are some great transformation sissy stories; you can also find a lot more of them in the transformation category of the story site. See all the Transformation sissy stories here today!

a magical transformation
A magical transformation

Sissy story about a guy transformed into a pretty girl by Rafael Rafael

A girl by magic
A girl by magic

Erotic sissy stories about a guy made into a sexy girl by Author Harley Makepeace

Ultimate revenge
Ultimate revenge

Macho guy gets transformed into sexy girl, erotic story by Herman Franck Esq.

sissy stories
Virtual Transformation

Tale of a man switched to a womans body, by Austin Logan

transformation stories
Sex change spell

Guy gets a curse and changes to a pretty girl, by Rafael de Blass

erotic wishes
Mirror mirror

A guy makes a wish and gets transformed into a girl, by Tyler Cameron

Most cross dressers and sissys would love to be a real female just once to experience what it’s like. Putting on all those lacy, frilly stockings, dresses and panties. Applying all the pretty makeup and doing your nails.

Transformation sissy stories are as close as you can come to that, as you read and fantasize about how soft you would be, and how great the sex would feel!

sissy stories
His Future to be her

Guy wishes to be a sexy girl, very erotic, by Author Harley Makepeace

feminization stories

Magical stone transforms a guy into a girl, by Barbara Deloto

maid story
The Obedient Sissy

Car accident turns guy into feminized maid, by Author Drew Samuels


Erotic sissy stories, sissy transformation by Sandy Thomas

sissy transformations
Lesbian males

Several kinky transformation sissy stories, by various

cross dressing stories
The crossdressing trap

Guy forced to be a crossdressing schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

You can get just about all these sissy transformation stories in both paperback and as a downloadable ebook. With the ebook format you can read them on your computer, tablet or your Kindle.

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Transformation stories can also have lots of drawings and pictures in the paperback versions. These erotic and sexy images really enhance the transformation story.