Total Surrender, The Story of a Sissy Maid by Jo Santana review

The story of a sissy maid book
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Once again it’s time for a sissy stories review! This one is a sissy maid story, something I think all sissys just love. Titled Total Surrender, The Story of a Sissy Maid, it’s written by author Jo Santana.

Jo Santana is a very popular sissy stories writer that has many great books out for sissy lovers. Anyway in this story Paul Bramwell is a successful Boston lawyer who is about to get married to the bosses daughter, Allison.

What the boss and Allison does not know is that Paul also has a cute little mistress he lends money to. Some bad things happen and he becomes wanted by the FBI. Once Allison finds out she offers to help him hide.

However her idea of hiding him is a form of revenge, as she makes him into a live in maid. As time goes by he becomes more and more like a real maid as he works and lives just like her own little maid.

Soon there is some kinky twist and turns as the new maid becomes use to her little maid outfits, stockings and panties. What new things will Allison require her maid to do? How far will she make him go as a female maid?

Well you’ll just have to read this great sissy maid story book to find out! It’s fun and erotic and all sissy maids will love this sissy stories book or ebook by Jo Santana. So click the link above and find out more about it today!

Crossdressing Torment, The Enforced Schoolgirl story by Jo Santana

Crossdressing torment, hot sissy stories by Jo Santana!
Crossdressing Torment, The Enforced Schoolgirl story

It’s time for another sissy stories book review! This one is for all you sissy crossdressers who fantasize about being a sexy schoolgirl. It’s about a young man named Alexander Brennan who is always getting into trouble.

His single mom sends him to his Aunt, who is a headmistress in a Portland private school. It’s not long before he gets in lots of trouble and needs to hide his identity (you know where this is going!)

So his Aunt dresses him up into Alexandra, the new pretty girl at his Aunt’s all girl school! Humiliated and embarrassed Alexandra slowly learns how to be a proper lady and how to act like a girl.
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