Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection review

cross dressing sissy stories!
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Erotic Crossdressing Sissy Stories Collection is a must read for anyone who is into crossdresser sex. This book includes three different stories featuring kinky crossdresser sex, forced feminization, and sissy training.

This is the kind of action that will turn you on and bring your deepest sissy fantasies to life! The stories are written by Betty Cross, a naughty crossdressing sissy with a vivid imagination.

“Training of a kept sissy,” the first story in the book, is about a sissy boy who is chosen by a demanding mistress to be her next slave. The second story features a crossdressing roommate who finds himself in all sorts of hilarious adventures.

The last story is about a guy who does some work for his sexy neighbor and then finds out that she’s actually a kinky crossdresser. These sissy stories will turn you on and make you laugh, so be sure to check them out!