Sissy maid stories

Here you can find many sissy maid stories. Most are erotic, with a bit of forced feminization to them. There can be several different ways the sissy becomes a maid in these sissy stories.

In some the wife tricks, forces or prods her husband into becoming her own sissy maid. In others a guy is blackmailed or not given any other choice but to become a sissy maid. Still others have the guy magically transformed into a pretty maid.

Most of these sissy stories have strong sexual and erotic tones to them, as the sissy becomes submissive and trained to obey her master. Often the maid has to date guys or perform for her masters friends.

Below you can find some great sissy maid stories, written by several different authors. There are many more to choose from, simply check out all the sissy maid stories here and read to your hearts content!

forced maid stories
Forced to be a sissy maid!

Erotic forced sissy maid story by Author Jo Santana

Total surrender sissy maid
Total surrender

An erotic sissy maid story by Jo Santana

sissy stories
How to be a sissy maid

Advice on how to become a real sissy maid, by Author Jo Santana

Cross dressing story
Training of a kept sissy!

Sissy gets trained to be a slut, by Betty Cross

Sissy tales
Crossdressing sissy tales

Two erotic sissy short stories by Betty Cross

maid stories
Enforced Humiliation of a Sissy Maid

Erotic tale of a forced sissy maid by Author Jo Santana

One of the best sissy maid Authors is Jo Santana. Jo has written dozens of sissy and cross dresser stories. They are very well written and have lots of erotic and kinky vibes to them.

Jo Santana has a good dozen sissy maid stories, all a bit different with a different storyline. Make sure you check out at least one of of Jo’s sissy stories, you’ll be glad you did!

sissy stories
Submission of the Sissy Maid

Another kinky sissy maid tale by Author Jo Santana

sissy stories
Made Into A Pretty Maid

An exciting erotic transgender tale of sissy maids and slavery by Eden Tanner

maid story
The Obedient Sissy

Car accident turns guy into feminized maid, by Author Drew Samuels

maid story
Subjugation of a sissy maid

Kinky sissy maid story by Author Harley Makepeace

feminization stories
A sissy is Maid

Wive makes her husband her sissy maid, by Parker Watson

sissy maids

Several erotic sissy stories, including sissy maids, by Barabara Deloto

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Sissy maid stories are a favorite of many who love sissy stories. They have a bit of everything you want, from dressing up in sexy stockings and panties to submission to a sexy master.

Many also have great erotic drawings and pictures of the sissy maid. Good pictures really help with the sissy stories and bring the tale to life in your mind. Check them out and buy a few today!