Practical cross dresser stories

A site about sissy stories would not be complete without a section of practical crossdresser and transgender stories and books. There are many great true crossdresser stories and memoir’s from real crossdressers.

Some of these crossdresser sissy stories are written by the wives who are married to crossdressers. They explain how they deal with it and even make it enhance their lives and intimacy.

Others are practical how-to guides for crossdressers. They explain the basics of putting on makeup, how to shave your body, fashion tips, even how to change your voice to sound more feminine.

Yet others go into the physiological aspects of crossdressing, how to raise transgender kids, coming out as a crossdresser and so on. These sissy stories have much basic and true information for crossdressers.

crossdressing story
Alice in Genderland

True memoir of a crossdresser, by Richard Novic M.D.

The lazy crossdresser
The lazy crossdresser

Practical guide to crossdressing, by Charles Anders

sissy stories
Miss Vera’s Cross-Dress for Success

Finishing school for crossdressers, by Veronica Vera

my husband Betty
My husband Betty

True story of a wife and her crossdresser husband, by Helen Boyd

crossdressing stories
She’s not the man I married

Wife supports her crossdressing husband, by Helen Boyd

gender story

Study of transgender subject, by Mara Drummond

Most of these crossdresser sissy stories strive to make crossdressers feel better about themselves and show how they are not alone. The autobiographical ones really make you feel better as you can read how other crossdressers cope.

You can learn a lot of practical tips on makeup and fashion with many of these crossdresser stories also. You have to start somewhere, and learning about how to apply lipstick is a lot harder than you may think!

Transgender child
The transgender child

A guide to raising a transgender child, by Stephanie A. Brill

crossdresser stories
True selves

Practical guide for transgenders

sissy stories
Get dressed!

Positive support by a crossdresser, by Gina Lance

guide to crossdressing
Crossdressing with dignity

Self-help guide for crossdressers, by Peggy Ed.D Rudd

sissy stories
My husband wears my clothes

Crossdressing book written by the wife, by Peggy Ed.D Rudd

crossdressing stories
Head over heels

The wives who stay with crossdressers, by Virginia Erhardt

Besides the popular crossdresser stories above you can find hundreds more. For other practical crossdresser books and stories check out the crossdressing stories inside to see them all!

Crossdressing stories like these have more practical advice and less erotic tones to them. They are basically “how-to” and self help for new crossdressers, or those who want to read true stories of crossdressing.

For erotic and kinky crossdressing sissy stories see my other section about crossdressers. Check them all out and buy a few great crossdressing stories and books today!