Popular sissy stories

There are many types of sissy stories to choose from. Some are about fictional magical sissy transformations. Others are of wife’s or girlfriends turning their husbands or boyfriends into a sissy, or cuckolding them.

Still other sissy stories are of men getting blackmailed into being a sissy maid or dressing up as a pretty girl. Then you have the basic cross dresser type of stories of men cross dressing.

There are both fiction and non-fiction cross dresser stories, some erotic and naughty, others very practical that show you how to dress properly, how to “pass” as a woman, the right way to talk and so on.

Below you can find a nice mix of the most popular sissy stories out there from all types. From erotic fictional sissy maid stories to practical cross dresser advice, these have been very popular. For more specific types of sissy stories check out the other sections on this site.

Or go and see all the sissy stories ready to buy here, you can find hundreds of them, from erotic to practical.

Sissy tales
Crossdressing sissy tales

Two erotic sissy short stories by Betty Cross

forced feminization stories
Changes, forced feminization

Five forced feminization sissy stories by Barbara Deloto

Cross dressing story
Training of a kept sissy!

Sissy gets trained to be a slut, by Betty Cross

a magical transformation
A magical transformation

Sissy story about a guy transformed into a pretty girl by Rafael Rafael

A girl by magic
A girl by magic

Erotic sissy stories about a guy made into a sexy girl by Author Harley Makepeace

A change in our marriage
A change in our marriage

Sissy husband gets feminized by his wife by Author Sara Desmarais

kinky sissy stories
Husband to sissy

Popular sissy stories, this is the first in a series by Sandy Thomas

Cross dresser boarding school
Sent to girls boarding school

Erotic cross dresser story of a pretty cross dresser at a girls boarding school by Jo Santana

Alice in genderland
Alice in genderland

Popular cross dresser story by and about Richard Novic M.D.

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Change of shift
Change of shift, sex

Sissy story of an undercover cop made into a girl and female lesbian partner, Tyler Cameron

Ultimate revenge
Ultimate revenge

Macho guy gets transformed into sexy girl, erotic story by Herman Franck Esq.

Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories
Classic FemDom Stories

Read how sissy boys get forced feminized by dominate women, by Ariane Arborene

get dressed!
Get Dressed!

Practical cross dressing story on how to come out, by Gina Lance

forced maid stories
Forced to be a sissy maid!

Erotic forced sissy maid story by Author Jo Santana

Virgin bride!
Virgin bride!

Kinky sissy story of forced feminization, by Author Barbara Deloto

forced feminization stories
The Melinoe Project

This is a sexy femdom story by Author D. L. King

Domination wives
The Dominant Wives

Stories of dominant wives and other femdom stories, by Author Eric Stanton

cross dresser stories
Forced To Be a Schoolgirl

Forced cross dresser stories, erotic and kinky by Jo Santana

transformation stories
Transformation of James

Hot sissy stories, this one is about transformation, by Harley Makepeace

crossdressing stories
Cross-dress for success

All about how to look and dress for the cross dresser, by Veronica Vera

feminization stories
Feminine Proposal

Sissy stories series, naughty sissy proposal fiction by Sandy Thomas

That’s a quick list of the most popular sissy stories out there. From sissy maids, forced feminization, feminized sissy stories, cross dresser stories and more. Most are fiction, but some are non-fiction or practical advice for crossdressers.

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Check out the other pages on this site for many more sissy stories within it’s own niche. For instance if you love reading about sissy maid stories check that page out. If you want practical advice on being a cross dresser see that page.

For those who love femdom domination stories I have a page of those, plus feminized sissy stories and a few others. There are hundreds of stories out there for sissy lovers, many I’m sure you never heard of! :)