Forced feminized sissy stories

In many sissy stories, if not most, there is at least a mild hint of forced feminization. In a lot the forced fem storyline is very strong, with the sissy having no choice but to become a girl or crossdressed.

The appeal of forced feminized sissy stories is that the guy has no choice in the matter. That lowers the guilt and shame some feel when they think about becoming a sissy. If they have no control, they can just go along with it and submit to their fantasy!

There can be several different types of forced feminization stories. Many have a dominant wive that forces her husband to be a sissy, or cuckold him. It can be revenge or just a sexual experiment.

In others it can take the form of blackmail, Aunts or parents that force their son to be a girl, evil school headmasters, kinky sisters and many other erotic types of forced feminization sissy stories.

forced feminization stories
The feminization of Alex

A boys Aunt forces him to dress and become a girl, by Avery Moss

sissy stories
Complete feminization of a sissy

Erotic tale of a wive turning husband into a sissy, by Regan Dane

forced feminization
The new woman

Abused wife forces her husband to become a lady, by Bailey Mitchell

sissy feminized
The unwanted gift

Tale of kinky forced feminization stories, by Author Drew Samuels

sissy stories
Fatal feminization

A group of women make a man into a female, by Micah Quinn

sissy stories
Subjugation & humiliation of David

Erotic forced feminization story of husband to girl, by Bailey Mitchell

forced sissy
Feminized life of a sissy slut

Forced feminization stories, boy forced to live as girl, by Cy Benton

crossdresser schoolgirl
Forced to be a schoolgirl

Sexy tale of a boy forced to be a schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

forced feminization
The crossdressing trap

More forced feminization stories, forced schoolgirl tale by Jo Santana

Many of the forced feminized stories have lots of sexual and erotic overtones to them. The sissys often get forced to date men, who deflower them and treat them like a female.

In others they get humiliated, paraded around in their sissy maid outfits in front of the wife’s girlfriends, sometimes tied up and strap-on violated. Forced feminization stories are very popular with sissys at heart!

feminized sissy
Joined the army to become a girl

Kinky forced feminization tale, by Author Avery Moss

Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories
Classic FemDom Stories

Read how sissy boys get forced feminized by dominate women, by Ariane Arborene

maid stories
Enforced Humiliation of a Sissy Maid

Erotic tale of a forced sissy maid by Author Jo Santana

forced maid stories
Forced to be a sissy maid!

Erotic forced sissy maid story by Author Jo Santana

A change in our marriage
A change in our marriage

Sissy husband gets feminized by his wife by Author Sara Desmarais

forced feminization stories
Changes, forced feminization

Five forced feminization sissy stories by Barbara Deloto

All the forced feminization stories above are great, but you can find lots more like them also. To see many more just check out the forced feminization stories here and see them all.

Some of the Authors also include great forced feminized stories drawings and pictures also. These are often erotic and kinky, showing the sissy dressed in pink bows, silky stockings, pretty panties and more.

Sissy stories of forced feminization can be found by several different authors, giving you a taste of viewpoints from different perspectives. Check out these delightful and erotic sissy stories and buy some for yourself today!