Feminized stories

Feminized stories are a category under the broader term of sissy stories. With these the sissy is prodded or pointed in the direction of being feminized. It may be from a bet, or suggested by their wive or girlfriend, even sister! You can find many great feminized sissy stories in here.

There often is a slight aggressive push to making the sissy feminized, but it’s not quite as forceful as another sissy stories category, forced feminization stories. Often it starts out innocently, with greater prodding as the story goes on.

The feminized stories below are often erotic, naughty and kinky, with some magical transformation stories thrown in. If you want to read about guys getting helped into being feminized and sissified, then check these out.

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So browse the stories below and check them out, or see all the feminized sissy stories available to you here.

feminization stories
The feminization program

Erotic feminized stories, this one about a mysterious computer program, by Tyler Cameron

feminization story
Pleasure & pain of feminization

Young man persuaded by sister to become a pretty girl, by Regan Dane

Virgin bride!
Virgin bride!

Kinky sissy story of feminization, by Author Barbara Deloto

feminized stories
Husband to sister

More feminized stories, this is an erotic tale, by Sandy Thomas

kinky sissy stories
Husband to sissy

Popular sissy stories, this is the first in a series by Sandy Thomas

sissy stories
His Future to be her

Guy wishes to be a sexy girl, very erotic, by Author Harley Makepeace

Did you know that most sissy stories have lots of drawings and pictures? Nothings better than seeing kinky or erotic sissy story images! Seeing these sissies in their silk pantyhose, maid outfits and pink panties is a real treat.

The sissy pictures really help you get into the story and lets you visualize what the sissy is going through or doing. Often they are very erotic and really add to the storyline.

A change in our marriage
A change in our marriage

Sissy husband gets feminized by his wife by Author Sara Desmarais

feminized crossdresser
Transition From Pants To Skirts

A man gradually transitions to a feminized sissy, by Kris Portman

A girl by magic
A girl by magic

Erotic sissy stories about a guy made into a sexy girl by Author Harley Makepeace

cross dresser feminized
The photo shoot

Crossdresser gets feminized and deflowered, kinky story by Sara Desmarais

Cross dressing story
My wife made me her girl friend!

Cross dresser story with a wife, by Casey Devon

sissy feminization
Jack’s submission

Guy meets a girl who slowly feminizes him, erotic story by Zevon Press

Feminized stories are popular with sissies who want to feel feminine, yet are not into more aggressive types, like forced feminization. They want to read about the pretty clothes and lingerie, the erotic tales of transformations.

Most all of them are non-fiction, a fantasy many would love to make come true yet know it can never be. If this sounds what your looking for reading material then make sure you check these feminized stories out!