Cross dresser sissy stories

Sissy stories of crossdressers are yet another very popular type. Almost all sissys are also crossdressers, as the act of being a sissy involves dressing up in womens clothing. Sexy stockings, panties, dresses and so on are a big part of crossdressing sissy stories.

Crossdressing schoolgirls are a popular fetish story, often with the man getting forced to dress up as a sexy schoolgirl and pretend to be a girl at school. They often even have to date boys, with erotic and kinky results!

Husbands who crossdress are also popular sissy stories, sometimes at the urging of his wife. These can be forced crossdressing stories as well as more gentle types of tales.

Guys who get blackmailed into crossdressing, magical crossdresser transformations and feminized crossdressing stories are also popular. See all the types of crossdressing sissy stories here and buy your favorites!

sissy stories
Crossdressing Torment

Boy gets forced to crossdress and be a schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

crossdressing schoolgirl
The replacement schoolgirl

Boy has to pretend he is his sister at school, by Jo Santana

crossdressing stories
Brother to schoolgirl Sister

Another kinky brother pretends to be sister at school, by Jo Santana

crossdresser schoolgirl
Crossdressing schoolgirl Sister

More erotic schoolgirl crossdressing stories, by Jo Santana

crossdressing stories
Humiliation of a student nurse

Crossdressing boy pretends to be female cousin nurse, by Jo Santana

weekend crossdresser
Crossdressing weekend for life

Erotic crossdresser weekend story, by Casey Devon

Almost all crossdresser stories have lots of erotic and kinky content inside. Often the crossdresser is forced to date guys and get into sexual situations with them, sometimes with more than one at a time!

In others a sexy girl is drawn to the feminine qualities of the crossdresser, with wild and kinky results. Or the crossdressing sissy is played with by a femdom mistress.

Erotic crossdressing stories
Crossdressing: erotic stories

Kinky and erotic crossdressing stories, by Rachel Kramer Bussel

sissy stories
The pleasures of dresses

Guy becomes a crossdresser in a fashion job, by Tyler Cameron

crossdressing stories
Change of shift, change of sex

Erotic crossdressing cop story, by Tyler Cameron

cross dressing stories
The crossdressing trap

Guy forced to be a crossdressing schoolgirl, by Jo Santana

cross dresser stories
Forced To Be a Schoolgirl

Forced cross dresser stories, erotic and kinky by Jo Santana

Cross dresser boarding school
Sent to girls boarding school

Erotic cross dresser story of a pretty cross dresser at a girls boarding school by Jo Santana

If your a crossdresser or fantasize about it, then you will love these crossdressing sissy stories. The detail of the text is amazing, as they describe the feel of silky stockings and thong panties on their skin for the first time.

Many also have lots of crossdressing illustrations, drawings and pictures that really complete the story. Crossdresser cartoons and femdom punishment drawings are often erotic.

So browse all these great crossdressing sissy stories and buy a few today. You can find the best ones here, in both paperback and ebook to read on your computer or kindle device. Check out these wonderful sissy stories now!